Method 1: Ping server

Open Command Prompt/Powershell in windows and run the command below:

ping -t

Method 2: Use the batch files provided.

  • Extract the file below to a folder, somewhere you can easily access
  • Double-click the file named “Ping NGS Gameserver” in the folder
  • You can right click on the graph to change views

Once you get your regular ping using either method above, try connecting to the proxy.
Wait several seconds to see the changes.
If you get slightly worse ping, try disconnecting and reconnecting until you have lowest ping you can get (same or 10ms lower from no proxy is considered good).
If you get noticeably worse ping (30~100 more), It’s probably your ISP routing, which I cant do much about.
Proxy server status can be checked here.

IP provided above is from Sega’s Datacentres but its not region blocked, to the best of my knowledge.
The IP is used by Mudfish to ping the game servers, so it makes a good measuring point).